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Friday, 14 October 2011

Rogers Beer (Australia)

Little Creatures Brewery
Rogers Beer
3.8% ABV

A very clever beer in both the design and the finished product.  In 2001, the Little Creatures Brewery decided to create a beer that was a lighter, easy to drink beer that still had great flavour.

Rogers Beer is named after two of the Rogers that were involved in the creation of the beer - Roger Bussell and Roger Bailey.  Phil Sexton of the Pale Ale fame was also involved in the process.

They blend 5 different malts to create the colour, flavour and also the smoothness on the palate.  They managed to do all of this and still maintained a lower alcohol content making it a ideal for mid week drinking.


On pouring a clear, quite fizzy liquid is present that has a dark red, amber colour with some minimal froth.  Some nice caramel malt notes on the nose along with that distinct Little Creatures mix of florally hops.  Flavour-wise; a little malt is there with some nutty and caramel flavours.  Very light bodied and smooth makes it very easy to drink.

For a mid-week drink this is perfect, not strong in alcohol but enough flavour to satisfy the majority of real ale lovers.   The lower alcohol content may put some people off but it really is worth trying

Scores: -

Aroma 6/10
Appearance 4/5
Taste 6/10
Palate 4/5
Overall 18/20

Total 76%

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