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Monday, 21 May 2012

Bitburger Premium Beer (Germany)

Bitburger Premium Beer
Bitburger Braugruppe
4.8% ABV

The town of Bitburg is home to this German Brewery.  Producing beer since 1817 it has become one of Germany's most famous, exporting worldwide.

They are proud of the fact that although they are selling very large quantities overseas they maintain that the beer is still very flavoursome unlike some of the other European rivals.

Bitburger is brewed with both German and French barley malts.  Hallertau hops are used to add depth and floral bitterness to the mix.  Another thing to note is that the beer is not pasteurised and therefore the flavours are not lost in the heat whilst brewing.


My first impression once the beer was poured was that you could almost smell the brewing process in the glass, which was a plus.  A clear, golden, carbonated liquid with a white head is present.  Not a great deal of flavour but some bitterness added character.  Quite a medium bodied beer which is surprising as it looks so light.  Not a bad lager really.

Scores: -

Aroma 4.5/10
Appearance 3/5
Taste 4/10
Palate 3/5
Overall 14/20

Total 57%

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