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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little Creatures - Quiet American (Australia)

Little Creatures Single Batch - The Quiet American
Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd
7.3% ABV

The Single Batch series continues with this the slightly ironically titled "Quiet American".

This has been brewed with Chinook and Cascade hops, stars of the US Pale Ale scene.


At first pour the beer has some quite dark, honey sweetness, with a little yeast coming through, the Cascade hops providing the very dominant floral notes.  A dark cloudy golden colour is present with an ever so slightly off white head.  When tasting again the very floral aromas come through and with it I got some interesting flavours - pineapple, fruit salad and also a small amount of bubblegum.  The beer of course has a bitter finish which was nice.  A medium body is accompanied with good balance and light carbonation.  The beer is quite high in alcohol but to it's credit is not noticeable.

Another good Single Batch once again from the ever so consistent WA brewery.

Scores: -

Aroma 5.5/10
Appearance 3.5/5
Taste 5.5/10
Palate 4/5
Overall 15.5/20

Total 68%

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