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Monday, 1 October 2012

Brew Dog Punk IPA (Scotland)

Punk IPA
Brew Dog Breweries
5.6% ABV

Perhaps it's the first Scottish infact British beer that has been designed to replicate the hugely popular American Pale Ale style.  Throwing the book at the rules of classic British Pale Ales, Brew Dog have tried to capture what is exciting about the American style.  First brewed in 2007 Brew Dog have tried to market themselves as a post modern brewer.


The beer is brewed with Chinock, Crystal and Motoeka hops and the combination gives it a bucketful of aroma - citrus and tropical fruit like passion fruit and guava are present along with the Maris Otter extra pale malt.  Appearance wise the beer is a golden colour with a frothy white head, it is quite cloudy and almost reminds me of a home brew.  On tasting the beer has a very metallic taste and not a lot else.  The beer did get better towards the end of the glass with a very subtle melon flavour.  This is along with the expected bitterness.  The beer has a medium body with a drying finish.

Overall this beer has an amazing aroma from the mix of hops but a very disappointing taste.  I wonder why it is so popular or well known?

Scores: -

Aroma 8.5/10
Appearance 3.5/5
Taste 4/10
Palate 3.5/5
Overall 10/20

Total 59%

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