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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Coopers Pale Ale (Australia)

Coopers Brewery
Coopers Pale Ale
Additive and preservative free
4.5% ABV

A bit of an Australian institution, especially down in it's home of South Australia.

Coopers brewery established in 1862 by Thomas Cooper originally from Yorkshire in England, has got to be one of Australia's prime resources - that and coal and gold!  The Coopers brewery is still family run and continues t produce some of Australia's best beers.

Coopers have an excellent range of beers from heavy full flavoured ales and stouts to their lighter Pilsners.

It is this Australian quintessential Pale Ale that I look at first up....


This classic Pale Ale has a bit of everything.  Firstly it has character visually with it's cloudy appearance, this is due to the bottle fermented yeast that is still present.  Slightly lively with a medium white foamy head.  On tasting some florally hops are present with a slight bitter after taste that give you enough flavour so that this beer can be enjoyed on it's own or as a good session.

This beer has been tried and tested hundreds of times and never fails to disappoint.

Scores: -

Aroma 6/10
Appearance 4/5
Taste 6.5/10
Palate 4/5
Overall 16/20

Total 73%

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