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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Introduction - A nice pint???

Fancy a beer this Tuesday?  You probably want something you can either sit at home and enjoy, savour a couple down the pub or even possibly take to dinner.

Well this is basically one man's little quest to hunt out that perfect drop for some of those situations.

A little introduction....

For most of my adult life - alcohol (and being more specific) beer has been involved - in most, if not all of my social encounters - from late teenage years to hazy uni days and up to now more civilized inebriation's.  Some past situations have led to stories and incidents that would be probably best left to another blog possibly titled "Falling asleep in strange places".... 

Over recent times I started thinking that I could use some of these experiences and recollections for a useful purpose.  By putting together some hazy memories and more recent encounters I have decided to create a blog all about different beers and hunting down those perfect drops.  The intention of the blog is to help the every day fella not get stuck in a rut ordering the same beer every time they go to the pub, bar or bottle shop but to help choosing a new beer to possibly broaden their tastes. 

The blog will review beers on an individual basis but following the same format so that each beer can be evenly compared with one another and enough information can be found on each beer to satisfy most people curiosity .  It will feature a review section out of 100 which will be scaled according to various factors - marks will be awarded for the following categories -aroma, appearance, taste, palate, session with a total overall. 

Now I am not claiming to be Mr know-it-all-professional beer taster, but I have tasted my fair share of good quality and some not so good quality beers on my travels.  I have tried and tested Lagers, Ales, Stouts, Pilsners and Beers from some far and away countries like India, China, Argentina, Japan, Brazil to Italy and a lot more in between.

I am originally from Yorkshire in England where there are some truly fine beers brewed but for the last eight years I have been living in Australia.  So too here are where some of the world's great beers are also brewed.  Obviously there are huge differences between the standard beer served in your local pub in the two countries as is with most countries around the world.  Different styles of beers are developed to suit the lifestyle and climate of the consumer.  The different brewing techniques and development that goes into the production of beer is fascinating and is evidence of a skill that has been around for hundreds of years but continues to be refined and progresses in the modern world.  Because of this we the consumers get amazing value and reward for your money; if you are willing to go out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Hopefully some of this writing will be useful to people that maybe enjoy a drop and are looking to search out a new beer or two or are just wanting to read somebody else's independent opinion.  I will include reviews of all drinks sampled from now until then, so that you can have a little comparison of the different beers so that you can see what I recommend or see where a particular beer sits next to another.

I will be reviewing beers from all over the world.  From old classics and firm favourites to the newest ales on the market. 

I guess this introduction is to just set out my idea and hopefully you will enjoy reading and it might encourage you so next time you are at the bar on in the local bottle shop you try that unusual wheat beer from Germany or go for that IPA from Western Australia.

Lets start...

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