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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Little Creatures Single Batch - The Big Dipper (Australia)

Little Creatures Single Batch - The Big Dipper
Little Creatures Brewing Company
7.8% ABV

A single batch of The Big Dipper was released in March 2011.  The ale features 7 different hops all combining for a huge flavour and an increased alcohol content.  The 7 hops represent the 7 stars in the constellation of the same name.  Colombus, Cascade, Chinook, Stella, Citra, Centennial and Simcoe hops are all used.


On first pour a flood of fragrance sweeps up the nostrils.  Caramel aromas and the signature Little Creatures aroma is there.  I was expecting more though.  A dark golden hazy liquid is present with a small white head.  You get some of the alcohol on the tongue with some citrus almost Semillon characters there.  There is some good weight behind this beer and a strong bitter finish. 

Maybe a little too much alcohol for a midweek beer but certainly worth buying and trying.

Scores: -

Aroma 7/10
Appearance 3.5/5
Taste 6.5/10
Palate 3.5/5
Overall 15/20

Total 70%

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